Founded 1891

The most outstanding unit, the Director’s Staff had its origination with the appointment of Noble R. V. Galloway as the initial Director at a meeting on May 23, 1891.

This said meeting occurred some thirty-five (35) days after our newly born Al Chymia Temple’s dispensation was granted on April 18th of the same year.

Al Chymia’s Director Staff throughout the years has been called “Floor Team” … “Wrecking Crew” … “Sandmen” and probably many other names we cannot mention. Presently there are many active members and numerous Life and Honorary Members.

Some of the Director’s Staff duties are as follows: hanging banners and curtains for Shrine Circus, Spring & Fall Ceremonial, stage lights and sound, and pretty much anything the Potentate requests. The Director’s Staff will surely be there to take care of it to make absolutely sure it has been done.

We meet the 1st Friday of each month. This unit has won national recognition for its performances.

Many members of the Director’s Staff over the years have been elected to the Divan. History records the following served as Potentate: J. F. Ramier, 1924; Milton Bowers, 1948: Chalmers Cullins. 1956; Virgil Wilder, 1973; Jack Childress, 1974; Daniel Greif, 1980; Billy Milter, 1982; Ernest Sutherland, 1988; B. W. Thornburg, 1993 and John B. “Jack” Rendall Ill 1997, and Recorder Emeritus, Ralph Muench.

If you like having fun, then this is a good unit to think about joining…..


Dandy Barawid- President
– Treasurer

Meet 1st Friday @ Director’s Staff room