Legion of Honor

The Legion of Honor was initially formed, as a unit within the Al Chymia Shrine, in 1949. P.P. Bill Hankins was instrumental in its formation.

P.C. Fred Hook was the first Commander after his return from service in World War II, where he attained the rank of Colonel.

P.C. Guy Taylor was Commander in 1950.

The Legion was originally authorized only 30 members, and has since been increased to a current authorization of 40.

P.C. Henry Bannister served as Commander in 1952.

The mission of the Legion is to present the colors at all Al Chymia official Shrine functions. The unit also serves as a color guard and carries the flags at all Shrine parades.

Two of our past L. 0. H. members went on to serve as Potentate. They were P.P. Les Tubbs in 1966, and P.P. Rufus Craven in 1970. P.P. Jim Dallas formed the office of Commandant within the Temple. P.C. Jim Matlock served in this function for eight years initially, and again for 1 year in 1980.

P.C. Glen Snyder has served as Shrine Chaplain for many, many years and as Adjutant of the Uniform Units in 1989. P. C. Gene McDaniel, Commandant in 1989 is also a Past Commander of the Legion of Honor as well as serving as our Potentate in 1994. P.G.M. Jim McDaniel is also a Past Commander of the Legion of Honor. Past Military service is a requirement for membership and is verified with a review of an applicant’s D.D. 214.


Paul Thompson – President 2020

Past Presidents

1949 – Colonel Fred Hook
1950 – Guy A. Taylor
1951 – Walter A. Costello
1952 – Henry L. Banister
1953 – Arthur L. Cox
1954 – George F. Clark
1955 – John S. Mitchell
1956 – James E. McDaniel
1957 – John S. Roberts
1958 – Wilbur C. Hawkins
1959 – S. L. Tubbs
1960 – A. S. Knox
1961 – Glenn M. Snyder
1962 – M. E. Matlock
1963 – Emanuel Yerkin
1964 – E. Kelly Carithers
1965 – Thomas Harvell
1966 – Julius Byrd
1967 – Clifford Willis
1968 – Gene McDaniel
1969 – B. E. Heppner
1970 – Loy M. Robinson
1971 – Charles Kahn
1972 – Henry Droke
1973 – Ivy C. Gooch
1974 – Robert E. Morrison
1975 – James E. Simonton
1976 – Clyde Hudson
1977 – Jack M. Pearce
1978 – Bill Polk