The Goodwill Club was organized by the Nobles in Obion and Weakley counties, and they come from cities like Union City, Martin, Dresden and other communities to take part in the activities of the club. From 1945 to 1948, they had to go to the Fellowship Club at Dyersburg/Newbern to be a part of the activities. In 1948, they petitioned to form the present club and after approval, they elected Noble James A. Burns to be the first President.

Through the years, this club has been active in its own affairs and to procure new Shriners when and where possible to help Al Chymia grow. The leaders have cooperated with the Potentates in getting parades setup whenever the Shrine took to the road to show off its units throughout West Tennessee. The club has always worked to help the Shrine Hospital program and the Shrine Circus each year in Memphis.

David Oldaker – President
Bobby Driver – VP
Joey McKnight – Treasurer
Jack Garrett – Secretary
Jesse Whitesides – Chaplin


Meet 1st Thursday @ Autry’s Restraunt


The presidents of this club are listed below:
1948 -James Bums
1949-50 -W. W. Emery, Sr.
1951-52-James Bums
1953 – M.A. Garrison
1954 -James Burns
1955-56- Loyde King
1957 -Jackie Duncan
1958-James Burns
1959 -C. H. Wright
1960-61 – Harold Cotton
1963 Al Williams
1964- Sebern Hall
1965 – D. W. Stover
1966 -W. C. Nichols
1967 -Charles H. Scates
1968- B. H. Stephenson
1969 – T. K. Sage
1970 – Oliver Gilliam
1971 – Harold L. Williams
1972- Logan Gray
1973 -Johnny Caudle
1974 -Joe H. Ashleys
1975 – Thomas E. Culp
1976 – Phillip M. Martin
1977 -Jerry Leggett
1978 – Shea Riley
1979- Tom Whitesides
1980 -Jimmy Gwaltney
1981 -Jim Adcock
1982- Larry Dockery
1983-Greg Moore
1984 – W. W. Emery, Jr.
1985 – Leland Starnes
1986 -Charles Whitby
1987 -Neal Rice
1988 -Jesse Whitesides
1989 -James Hurt
1990 – Ralph Wheatley
1991 – B. H. Stevenson
1992 -John Wade
1993 – Bill Coleman
1994 – Robert Pruett
1995 – Lyn Maloney
1996 -Charles A. Maness
1997 – Douglas G. Pair

2020 – Quinton