Provost Guard

Potentate R. G. Kinkle who appointed Roger D. Kennon as Captain organized the Provost Guard Unit in 1950. It was given a roster strength of Captain and fifteen other members. Up until this time, the unit had functioned as the Law and Order Unit for Al Chymia.

In 1957, Potentate J. A. Connor reorganized the unit, and again Roger Kennon was appointed Captain. The unit was authorized to have up to twenty men plus the Captain.

In 1976, Potentate Harris Cole authorized the unit to be increased to one Captain, one 1st Lieutenant, three 2nd Lieutenants, and thirty-six men. The Guard has always served the Potentate and the Temple in a way to afford security and protection at any event where it was deemed advisable by the Potentate.

Like many of the other units in recent years, the men have bought new uniforms. The members of the Guard will continue to serve Al Chymia at events like ceremonials, parades, stag barbecues, social functions at the Temple, and regular meetings when so directed by the Potentate. The Provost Guard has been outstanding, winning first place several times at the S.E.S.A. and the Imperial in the unit competition. When there is a job to be done at Al Chymia Temple, you can always count on the Provost Guard Unit to help get it done.

Captain Shayne Abbott 901-848-2950
1st Luetenant Robert Conn
Secretary David Huey
Treasurer – Randall Cruz
2nd Luetenant
Sunshine Charlie Moore

Past Captains

1978 – Joe Holmes
1979 – M. J. Slater
1980 – Tom Brimhall
1981 – Carl Davis
1982 – Paul Brimhall
1983 – E. C. Jones, Jr.
1984 – W. D. Moore
1985 – George Selph, Jr.
1986 – Ernest Crook
1987 – William A. Miller
1988 – Aus Towery
1989 – Larry Speck
1990 – Jim Norman
1991- Robert Carter
1992 – Harry Gilcrease
1993 – Bobby Campbell
1994 – Eugene Scudder
1995 – Richard Jones
1996 – Charles Moore