From an article in the Alchemist of August, 1945 the news was given about a reorganizational meeting of interested Shriners at the New Southern Hotel in Jackson. The purpose was to get a new Shrine club going. In addition to the local Nobles, there were officers from Al Chymia present – Potentate B. Wray Williams, Chief Rabban Willie B. Smith and H. P. & P. Milton Bowers, Sr.

After the club was approved, the members elected Noble Fred Delay as its President. He got them off to a good start, and this club has been functioning great since that time.

Several years ago, some of the members got together to form a Motor Corps Unit, and this story is given in the unit section. It has served as an extra attraction to those interested in riding sharp motorcycles.

Another interesting item is the number of people in the club who have attained prominence in business, the professions, politics, and doing good works in various local charities as well as supporting Al Chymia in all its works.

The Jackson Shrine Club serves Madison and Chester counties, and this is one of the fastest growing areas in West Tennessee. In the years to come this club will surely expand even more than it has to give service to the Nobility and community. There are no limits to the good things that can be accomplished by this growth.

Trey Cleek – President
Barry Bates – VP
Robert Williams- Treasurer
Josh Ford- Secretary

Meet 3rd Thursday @ Cox Family Barn


Jackson Shrine Club Presidents

2020 -Trey Cleek
2019 – Robert Burroughs
2018 – Eric Wood
2017 – Jerry Birdwell
2016 – David Vince
2015 – Dwayne Blair
2014 – Robert Williams
2013 – Robert Williams
2012 – David Goforth
2011 – Ron Neff
2009 – Byron Cox Jr
2008 – Byron Cox Jr
1978 – Ken Baker
1977 – Dr. Harold A. Williams
1976 – Robert W. Dailey
1975 – Royce L Rowe
1974 – Barney E. Crews Jr.
1973 – Glen E. Barton
1972 – Bert Olsen
1971 – William J. Barnes
1970 – John Riley
1969 – Robert F. Henderson
1968 – George Smith
1967 – Grady Clements
1966 – Ed New
1965 – Sol Touchfeld
1964 – M. H. Lester
1963 – Thomas Acuff
1960 – M. N. Anderson
1959 – Walter McKenzie
1958 – John R. Towater
1957 – Ben Lankford
1956 – Howard Underwood
1955 – Harry Thomas
1954 – L. P. Jackson
1953 – E. C. Morrison
1952 – George Smith
1951 – Andrew “Tip” Taylor
1950 – Andrew “Tip” Taylor
1949 – D. C. Clippard
1948 – Harry Talkington
1948 – Harold Thomas
1947 – R. D. Conger
1946 – Fred DeLay
1945 – Fred DeLay

Unknown Years

Fred Lawrence
Sammy Hall
Hot Elkins
Buddy Ryan
Jack Davis
Robert “Bobby” Henderson PGM
Bill Whisel