Past Masters

This committee was organized in 1967 by Potentate James L Dallas and R. L. “Mike” Allen, PGM, P.P. and Recorder.  All members of Al Chymia who were Past Masters of their Symbolic Lodge were eligible to become members. Assisting in the organization were Wray Williams, P.P., Ed Rothrock, PGM, Wiley O. May, PGM, G.C., Dr. Joe Mobley, PGM, Bill Jason, P.P., and many others who were Past Masters.

The By-laws have been changed in recent years to allow those presently serving as Worshipful Masters to be allowed to join. Members of the group stay busy by helping any Symbolic Lodge in the area that needs it – conferring degrees, conducting funerals, or installing officers. In the Temple individuals help in the Circus work and by taking part in the activities where each can service.

Current PGM Joe Harrison


Past Masters, Past Presidents

Gerald Leek 2020

Charlie Wooddy 2019

Lewis Johnson 2018

David Swaim 2017

Ken Delaet 2016

Mike Schaefer 2015

E. Ron Murphy 2014

Sean Hamilton 2013

J.K. Enochs, Jr. 2012

D.R. Musick 2011

Earl Barnett 2010

J.W. McDaniel 2009

B.J. Ledford 2008

Jerry L. Hanson 2007

Bristol Roberts 2006

Kenneth Doyle 2005

Geln G. Pitts 2004

Dalharth N. Doyle 2003

J. Warren Horton 2002

J. Hollis Thomason, Jr. 2001

Lee Manning 2000

Jackie L. Johnson, II 1999

Edward E. Sims 1998

Ford Bonds 1997

Richard E. Van Tassell 1996

Charles R Kahn 1995

Jay E. Jewell 1994

Max F. Shafer 1993

Joe C. Harrison 1992

Murry Tucker 1991

Jack Arnold 1990

Alton Tollison 1989

Asa Taylor 1988

William Hall 1987

Albert Rockholt 1986

D.C. Hollingsworth 1985

Cecil Nappier 1984

James Elder 1983

Henry Williams 1982

Richard Adkins 1981

Don Mills 1980

K.C. May 1979

Oscar Stephenson 1978

Sam Buchalter 1977

John Carter 1976

Charles Watson 1975

Sam Burson 1974

Roy Murdock 1973

Harold Cristil 1972 & 1971

Neuan Taylor 1970 -1967