This club started out as the Fellowship Shrine Club, and most of the meetings were held in Dyersburg or Newbern. This was in 1945 and at that time, the club served all the Nobles in the counties of Northwest Tennessee. As more and more Nobles were created, the need for other clubs was evident. By 1948, the men in Obion and Weakley counties started the Goodwill Shrine Club at Union City. Those remaining decided to terminate the name of the existing club and change it to the Dyersburg Shrine Club.

Noble Paul Vollmer served in 1945-46 as President of the Fellowship Club and was succeeded by M. M. Forrester in 1947. When the new club was formed, Noble Bob Griffin was elected as President.

Like many of the other clubs, this one has been active in promoting and participating in worthwhile community affairs and parades. On many occasions, units from other clubs and the Temple have gone to Dyersburg to take part in parades and events in the area.

This club operated without interruption until about 1959. Since that time there have been some periods of inactivity as a club, but in the seventies things began to pick up. With added participation by Nobles in and around Dyersburg, the club plans to have a good thing going for everyone.

In 1989, this club cooperated with Potentate Thomas Dickey in presenting a satellite circus at Dyersburg, and it was a successful venture for the club and the Temple. Other such operations are being planned for other areas in West Tennessee because of this being beneficial for all concerned.


Gail Percival – President
Marty Moody – VP
Joe King – Secretary/Treasurer

Meet 3rd Tuesday @ Dyersburg Moose Club

Past Presidents
1948 – Bob Griffin
1949 – Burton Shibley
1950 – Noel Riley
1951 – Horace Owens
1952 – Ham Haley
1953 – J. Herbert Rice
1954 – Harry Lee Phillippy
1955 – Charles H. Phillippy
1956 – H. E. Nourse
1957 – Steamboat Jones
1958 – Miller Anderson
1974 – Benjamin C. Hendren III
1976 – Don Campbell
1978 – Homer O. “Red” Reagan

2020 – Gail Percival