This Group – composed of Shriners first began in 1965 as a means to help young men in the Shrine oriented into the organization. The first chairman was Lewis Willis, and in 1966 Ted Johnson Jr. was chairman. It was in 1967 that Potentate Jimmy Dallas designated it as the Yoshi Committee – the first president of the group was William L. Bettison.

This committee, like any other in the Temple, is at the call of the Potentate. And this group of young Shriners has been used in many ways to help the Temple. Things like helping with many tasks before and after each circus engagement, painting the auditorium, helping with the Easter egg hunt, taking part in decorating for special occasions, and some outside activities like playing in a softball league for many years.

One of the most important features is that it furnishes an instant means for newly created nobles to get acquainted with shrine life and make new friends from all over the area. The man can either stay in Yoshi to take part in its work and fun activities or he can branch out into a different unit. There have been many dedicated nobles go through this group in years past.

Current President: Denzel Williams   901-598-6498


Past Presidents include
1967 William L. Bettison
1968 Tom Brimhall
1969 Tom Brimhall
1970 Bill Jameson
1971 Tom Brimhall
1972 Larry Mims
1973 Joe Richardson
1974 Eddie Hamilton
1975 Joe Richardson
1976 B. J. Steadman
1977 B. H. Johns
1978 Gary Pierce